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Error Returned

 Error: Invalid SQL: SELECT
            ,d.map_pos_lat ,d.map_pos_lng 
            , as category_name
            , as business_partner
            ,(SELECT IFNULL(SUM(quantity), 0) FROM `vouchers` WHERE AND is_invalidated=0) as quantity_sold
            ,(SELECT IFNULL(SUM(total_amount), 0) FROM `vouchers` WHERE AND is_invalidated=0) as amount_sold
          FROM `deals` as d
            LEFT JOIN `deal_categories` as dc ON (
            LEFT JOIN `business_partner` as bp ON (
          WHERE 1  AND d.`id` NOT IN ('1481') AND d.`visible`=1 AND status IN ('Active')  AND date_expire > '2019-11-12 03:44:46' 
          ORDER BY RAND()  
          LIMIT 0,3;

SQL error: Got error 28 from storage engine
SQL error code: 1030
Date: Tuesday 12th 2019f November 2019 03:44:46 AM